Deadline + NEW Free Video Training for you!

Hello my lovely friend!

I'm writing to remind you that today is the last day to sign up for the beta-test of my new 8-Week Posture Transformation course at half-off. 

Tonight at midnight registration will close until mid-February, when the course will be released "officially" at full price!

AND - I've got something special for you:

A NEW Online Course - The 7-Day Body-Mind Hack - and this one is totally free.

This makes a great compliment to the Posture Transformation Program, because I introduce 7 new movements specifically curated for equestrians - BUT it also makes a great introduction to Hanna Somatics for anyone who hasn't tried it yet, so please feel welcome to share the sign-up link on your pages or with your friends and clients.

One of my goals this year is to share Hanna Somatics with as many people as possible - and using our community networks to reach out is key!

Here's the sign-up link for sharing:

And here's the link to the facebook post for sharing:

I hope you join me for this free educational experience - it begins on February 1st!!! The sign-up page is live now, so go ahead and register anytime (I suggest doing it now, so it doesn't get lost in the to-do lists and busyness of your work and play life).

Use the button below to jump directly to the sign-up page.

See you soon!

- Alissa

Sign-Up for the 7-Day Body-Mind Hack NOW!