My Wish for 2020 - bring your Presence!

My wish for 2020: May we learn from the past, manifest our dreams in the future, and appreciate the present.

My resolve for the near future is to live my life like the little girl (me) in this photo, experiencing wonder in the everyday beauty of the world around us, like I imagine I did as a toddler discovering horses, and sunflowers, and what it felt like to run downhill… but also to take care of that little girl who still lives inside me, to take care of her family, her farm, and the planet that makes it possible for all of us to survive in this vast universe.

I have learned this year that one does not need to be in control of everything in life to be in control of one’s self. It is possible to maintain a sense of self and personal power amid the maelstrom of reality that is constantly happening to us and swirling around us. We have only to recognize that we can be the masters of our own minds, bodies, and spirits - to believe it is to make it true. At least in the case of developing the personal presence and self-awareness necessary to thrive in the now. (I’m not suggesting that believing just anything can make it true - science is still science, and faith cannot change facts.)

Coming up in 2020 - I've been invited to present in an online horse fair, I finally created my first real online course (details below), I have some fun new educational videos in the works for you, we will be offering multiple Interspecies Research LAB opportunities (schedule to be announced very soon!) and the boys are starting to walk, so I guess I had better start running again!

Enjoy the rest of this email... there's a new lesson in the Members Classroom on Fostering Cooperation with Somatic Hoof Handling, a blog post on the Origin of Acquired Asymmetry, and an invite to join the beta release of my new Posture Transformation course at half price... Stay to the end to read about my personal resolutions for the next year and our new decade!

- Alissa

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Interspecies Research LABs co-presented with JoAnna Mendl Shaw of The Equus Projects - exploring the intersections of Somatics, Dance + Horses to develop Presence, foster Interdisciplinary Collaborations and continue developing this new avenue of education and somatic experiencing. 2020 DATES TBA very soon!

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Your latest lesson in the Virtual Classroom is all about Fostering Cooperation with a deceptively simple Somatic Hoof Handling exercise


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New blog post: The Origin of Acquired Asymmetry - The Trauma Reflex

Straightness is a state of body-mind, and so is crookedness!

Anytime the body experiences trauma - an injury or impact, a surgical invasion, emotional stress, pain from poorly fitting or improperly used equipment, repetitive motions, digestive upset, etc. - the area around the injury, pain or stress will “cringe” or contract to protect and stabilize the compromised tissues...


- - -

Bring on the next decade!

In 2020, my personal resolutions or commitments for the new year include:

1. Maintaining my new Self-Care protocols (the discoveries for resolving my back pain while filming the video lessons for my new Posture Transformation Course are SO exciting!!)

2. Planting trees as my personal grassroots contribution to sequestering atmospheric carbon in the global effort to remediate climate change (read more on instagram @somatics.horsemanship

3. Returning to a vegan/plant-based diet and lifestyle, after watching the film The Game Changers (on Netflix right now) which reminded me not only of how much healthier and performance-enhancing eating plant-based is, but how much it reduces an individuals carbon footprint, the waste of fresh water and pollution from livestock agriculture, and the suffering of the majority of animals raised for food around the world...

Cheers, Peace, and Much Love,

- Alissa Mayer EHSE-C

Creator of A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™
Certified Equine Hanna Somatics® (EHS) Educator
Co-Instructor of the EHS Professional Training Program