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Whew - we did it!

We just wrapped up the first-ever week of my new online course, the 7-Day Body-Mind Hack! THANK YOU to everyone who participated, you are amazing and truly an inspiration. It has been my honor and my pleasure to spend the week with you.

The Body-Mind Hack was a blast, with students joining from all around the world, and reporting amazing results: Hanna from Finland writes "5 years of hip pain is GONE after doing Day 1 - I'm stunned!" and from YouTube "Simple but profound" and "This is awesome!" If you missed the inaugural launch, no worries, you can start anytime, click to join HERE. It's free. ;)

Enjoy the rest of this email... look for a blog post about The History of my ASATH Method - Finding the Reset; some exciting events coming up soon, and a new lesson in the Members Classroom on Getting Creative with Hand-Walking. Stay to the end to read a special 2020 announcement!

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PPS - I'm doing a LOT more on YouTube this year, and I plan to keep it up, as it's a really great teaching tool! I'm posting a free Somatics for Riders lesson every week, plus horsemanship lesson excerpts and Equine Hanna Somatics tips and tutorials. Subscribing to my channel is the best way to support the work I'm doing to provide all this free education - help me reach my goal of sharing Somatics with as many people as possible in 2020, and beyond!


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Weekly Intro to Hanna Somatics Mat Classes

Location: My barn studio in Oakridge, Oregon
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March 9-13, 2020 - Novato, CA - Booked FULL
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Interspecies Research LAB - Somatics + Dance + Horses

May 29-31, 2020 - Oakridge, OR
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Your latest lesson in the Virtual Classroom is all about Getting Creative with Hand-Walking.

After a tendon strain last summer, Doc was on modified stall-rest and a regimen of hand-walking several times per day. He was becoming increasingly bored and playful with his "rest" and keeping him to a walk was more and more difficult.

In this video, you see me getting creative to keep Doc interested and engaged without too much exertion or exuberant antics that could aggravate his freshly healed injury. This was his 3rd session adding in some trot and lateral maneuvers to his exercise time. PLUS watch me do the Initial Pick-Ups of EHS with him!


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How I found the Reset - The History of Alissa's ASATH Method

Throughout my 25 years with horses, my specialties have emerged as working with difficult horses - horses who are difficult to train, dangerous, have behavior issues or emotional issues or inexplicable physical issues that have the vet’s at a loss for answers – AND helping my human students develop more body awareness, get out of pain, live up to their athletic potential, and become more connected thru riding, horsemanship and especially Hanna Somatics.

This led directly to the development of what I call the 5 Agreements – the foundation of my training and lesson program. The 5 Agreements are the basic ingredients I believe are required to open a dialogue with a horse, and start building a vocabulary of mutually understood non-verbal words and phrases, using energy, intention, visualizations, body language, and of course some pressure and physical contact.

It was in 2010 that I learned about a new way of working with horses called Equine Hanna Somatics...


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What I'm reading (again)

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Watch and Learn

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Physiology, Posture, Presence

That's what you'll get when you learn to Invite an Interspecies Dialogue with your horse.


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